April 18, 2014

Correct: There needs to be some changes made in comics. Start with the professionals' attitudes

Erik Grove pens an op-ed today at Bleeding Cool which addresses, in part, a post of mine from yesterday. It's titled "8 Things that Need to Change in Comics Threats, Harassment And Understanding," and not surprisingly, many of these changes need to occur from within. Let's take a look at these eight:

  • No One Should Threaten Violence or Sexual Assault Ever
  • No One Should Use Hate Speech During a Disagreement Ever
  • We Need to Be More Upset About Threats and Hate Speech in Our Community
  • We Need to Endeavor to Understand But Not Judge
  • We Need to Stop Pretending That Harassment Is Not Happening
  • We Need to Stop Jumping to Easy Conclusions
  • We Need to Talk To Each Other to Figure Out How to Fix This
  • We All Have to Be Part of the Solution

Grove's main point is sexual harrassment of females among the "comic community" spurred (in part) by this article regarding the supposed [in]appropriateness of a DC Comics cover. It's directed mostly at fans (the "community") but there's also this issue among the professionals. And Groves' point about hate speech and "endeavoring to understand" also needs to extend to the professionals. We've often documented here -- as have Doug Ernst and Avi Green -- how comicbook professionals (maybe I should put that term in quotes?) have often used, if not "hate" speech as it's typically defined, at the least vile speech ... and little-to-no inclination to "endeavor to understand."

Is Mark Waid telling me to "Go f*** myself" hate speech? Does it demonstrate an "endeavor to understand?" I mean, even if I was 100% wrong (I wasn't), what is up with a so-called professional responding in that manner? What about these comments?

There's also, of course, Ron Marz, Gail Simone, Erik Larsen and Dan Slott, among others. (Please venture over to Doug Ernst's place today to see how an insanely obsessed Slott is STILL ranting about Ernst's criticism of him. Check out the last update at the end of the post.) I wonder: Is a lot of their unreasonable attitude towards guys like Doug, Avi and me due to frequently dealing with ludicrous fanboy types who are completely irrational ... so that when one of us brings up a calmly worded criticism or question these guys are ready to rip our heads off? Maybe. I could see that. But, again, these guys are supposed to be professionals.

Alas, "progressivism" such as that practiced by these folks, is loaded with contradictions -- some (most?) of which aren't even noticed (or cared to be noticed). Like, for example, Grove not explicitly mentioning the comicbook professionals' behavior in "the community." And, even better, Ron Marz lamenting a lack of civility(!) regarding his article about boycotting Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game. I mean, really??

Ultimately -- and ironically -- the online behavior of many of these "professionals" is astonishingly akin to that of "rabid [comicbook] fanboys" whose stereotypical image is that of egotistical, socially inept, creepy, and condescending quasi-nerds.

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The so-called professionals need to shape up before anyone else does. Their immature behavior online wouldn't be tolerated by anyone outside the entertainment industry.

And while I think harassment is wrong (that goes without saying), these people need to understand that it goes both ways. It isn't exclusively women that get harassed. Hell, I was harassed for a time by an ex-girlfriend (my first girlfriend) in eighth grade after I broke up with her because she cheated on me. Remember the crazy editor from Archie Comics who made those vile comments about her male co-workers/employees? Amazing how quickly that story got swept under the rug because it doesn't fit the PC definition of harassment.

And I love how people get outraged over a stupid cover. The New 52 is terrible, but this latest "controversy" is really a non-issue if you think about it.

Posted by: Carl at April 20, 2014 08:44 PM

Great point about the Archie editor, Carl. *I* had forgotten about that!

Posted by: Hube at April 21, 2014 07:18 AM

I'm just amazed (but not surprised) at how quickly that story disappeared. Like I said, it doesn't fit the PC definition of harassment, which can and does happen to everyone, regardless of gender or whatever.

Posted by: Carl at April 21, 2014 05:55 PM

The Colossus of Rhodey: Correct: There needs to be some changes made in comics. Start with the professionals' attitudes
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