April 11, 2014

Comics film updates

io9 has some updates regarding a few coming comicbook films, including X-Men: Days of Future Past. It seems the "pivotal event" that leads to the story's dystopian future is the murder of Sentinel creator Bolivar (not "Boliver" as io9 writes) Trask by Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique. (In the comic, it was the assassination of Senator Kelly, featured in the first X-film.) I wonder, since it's been hinted that DOFP will "fix" the numerous continuity gaffes of the X-films, if it will be explained how this Trask (played by short guy Peter Dinklage) is related to the "Trask" of X-Men 3 played by Bill "I'm Gonna Have Me Some Fun" Duke. They'll probably not even address it, leaving us to assume they just shared a last name.

It seems my (and many others') fears about Amazing Spider-Man 2 are coming to fruition in that there are too many villains in the movie. Who couldn't see that coming? Electro, Rhino, and a new Green Goblin?? There's also news on the sequence of future Spidey flicks: A "Sinister Six" film, a Venom movie, and THEN Amazing Spider-Man 3.

One saving grace for ASM 2: Not having a scene like this:

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