April 09, 2014

The competition of Delaware charter schools

The News Journal asks today: Why do Delaware parents pick charter schools? Twenty state legislators are apparently upset that one of New Castle County's "big four" districts is primed for five more charter schools. They worry that more charters will continue to drain resources from [traditional] public schools. As for parents, "What prompts them to leave? What attracts them to the charter schools?" the editors ask.

Occam's Razor, my friends. More discipline, less constant behavior issues, and a streamlined process to get rid of said problems.

While I certainly agree with the Journal's take that traditional publics have to have an "answer" for the competition of charters, the editors have to understand that the competition has to take place on a level playing field, as well as play by the same rule book. How is it fair that charters can establish guidelines as to who can get in, and can much more easily get rid of a student if he/she doesn't measure up? Traditional publics have to take everybody ... and have to jump through innumerable hoops before a student can be removed? This, not to mention, that traditional publics have a maximum number (per year) of kids who can be permanently removed from their schools, so they have to really "be careful" that they pick the most disruptive.

Oh, and special education students? They can only be suspended out of school for ten days maximum. Per year. No matter how disruptive they may be.

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The Colossus of Rhodey: The competition of Delaware charter schools
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