April 02, 2014

ObumbleCare update

This moron -- Michael Smerconish, long-time Philly talk radio host -- lost me long ago when he voted for President Lemon. He's now on CNN (where I'm sure he'll be a ratings smash ... /sarcasm) and happily proclaiming he's a "card carrying member" of ObumbleCare. Fellow CNN host Erin Burnett claimed yesterday was a "major achievement" for the Boss Obama administration ... but then stated the OBVIOUS:

What we still don't know about the numbers, though, is how many people have actually paid for health insurance. Because you can sign up without yet paying. And how many young people are enrolled. Of course, that's going to be the key to future success as well as things like how much will premiums, in many cases set low to encourage people to sign up, surge in the coming year.

Uh, gee, 'ya think? There's also the matter of how many people were actually previously uninsured. Not-at-all surprisingly, you won't get those answers from the administration. Along those lines, Charles Krauthammer:

If it turns out that the overwhelming majority of the so-called 7.1 were people who had health insurance, liked their health insurance, were renewing their health insurance, and got kicked off their health insurance, whose lives are disrupted, premiums are raised, deductibles are raised, and lost their doctors are now among the 7.1 . . . it’s a net negative.

Elsewhere at CNN, reporter Jim Acosta stated that yesterday the White House was "reacting with a lot of glee and happiness" over the "enrollment" numbers. Well, yeah, that typically happens when you live in a world of perpetual delusion. Reality tends to set in eventually, however, like in November of an election year.

Most infuriatingly of all is Boss Obama himself at his "victory" presser: “The debate over repealing this law is over. The Affordable Care Act is here to stay.” The arrogance of this statement is astounding. Imagine if President Buchanan had said regarding the infamous Dred Scott decision that "The debate over whether blacks are property is over. Slavery is here to stay." It's amazing it has to be said but debate is never over about ANY law, Supreme Court decision, or whatever. That's the very nature of a free society. Or, what's supposed to be a free society. Nevertheless, it's also amazing that Boss Obama even called the ACA a "law" considering how many times he's unilaterally altered it. Should we redub it an executive order? A dictatorial edict? You tell me.

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The Colossus of Rhodey: ObumbleCare update
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