April 01, 2014

Comicbook diversity concerns the same as those on campuses

Check out the quote from Kelly Sue DeConnick, writer of Captain Marvel and Pretty Deadly, made at the Emerald City Comicon:

The message that we send when we don’t represent the broader culture in our stories is that ‘You are other.’ … As a community, as an organism, it is a thing that makes us ill. It is actually bad for us.

*Sigh* Of course, the clamor for "diversity" for folks like contemporary comics creators does not include political diversity. Or diversity of certain types of religion, like, say, Mormon. Are these folks "The Other," Ms. DeConnick? Am I, as a right-leaning comicbook fan, "made ill" by, the not only omission of [positive] role models, but the denigration of those like me in your medium's stories?

Like college/university "diversity," comicbook diversity is only concerned with skin hue and the "right" beliefs. Political ideology, and certain religions and ethnicities are exempt from the interminable demands for diversity. But for comicbook creators, maybe you should take a bit of advice from this commenter: Instead of a paroxysm over diversity, " 'the message we send' when publishers put out crappy comic books is that they don’t care about their characters and they don’t care about their readers."

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The lack of positive portrayals of Mormons in the media has led me to change the religion of a character in my book (the main character's girlfriend) from Catholic to Mormon.

I always find the calls for diversity amusing, because it's always about skin color and never intellectual diversity. Not surprising that DeConnick would think the way she does; her husband Matt Fraction is an ultra-moonbat too.

Posted by: Carl at April 2, 2014 07:21 PM

The Colossus of Rhodey: Comicbook diversity concerns the same as those on campuses
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