March 30, 2014

This week in comicbook-related political correctness

And what a week it was! First up, apparently it's major news that a Native American -- oops, First Nations -- Cree member has joined the Justice League. Her name is Equinox. The writer is a plain 'ol white guy, but don't worry -- the article notes that he was "keen to check his privilege."

Next up, Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston (who wrote the above article) seems to have a thing about "white privilege" as, for some reason on a comics site, he felt the urge to discuss the recent "racism" flap surround Stephen Colbert. It seems Johnston has suffered the fate that Colbert is now dealing with from the radical PC (and perpetually offended) Left, despite the fact that Johnston has "checked [his] privilege so often that I qualify for air miles." What a [hilarious] shame, that.

By the way, speaking of the whole Colbert imbroglio, our pal Douglas Ernst got some ink in the BBC about it, especially since he's been a very vocal opponent of that "everything offends me" social media "activist," Suey Park

At Comics Alliance, Andrew Wheeler is a bit miffed at an Iron Man film universe-related video featuring Ben Kingsley (the Mandarin) and Sam Rockwell (Justin Hammer). He devotes a large article to the -- wait for it -- inherent "homophobic" message. If you can make it through the whole thing, Wheeler basically comes off as another aforementioned Suey Park, albeit probably a bit less angry. I tell 'ya, if these yahoos ever get some real power, we'll be facing a society similar to that of this not-very-well known Christian Bale movie.

Avi Green discusses the New York Magazine's "puff piece" about G. Willow Wilson, the post-9/11 Muslim convert who authors Marvel's new (Muslim) Ms. Marvel.

Oh gosh, look -- there was an ECCC (Emerald City Comicon) panel titled "Comics and Healthcare." I'm sure Boss Obama is all tickled pink.

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