March 25, 2014

Do it. Please.

Via the WaPo: "Hillary Rodham Clinton said here Saturday night that she is weighing another presidential campaign and is 'very much concerned' about the direction of the country, citing climate change as a particular focus."

Yeah, jobs, high energy prices, the debt, IRS and other governmental abuses ... f*** all that! Let's go all out against what used to be called global warming!!

Indeed. Please do just that, Mrs. Clinton.

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Duke Energy's Clean Coal Plant Uses More Energy Than It Produces

"NLPC has detailed extensively the wastefulness and folly of spending billions of taxpayer and consumer dollars to subsidize wind energy, solar energy and electric vehicles, all in the name of fighting climate change.

But the complicated, uneconomical boondoggle that Duke Energy [2] built in Edwardsport, Ind. [3] so as to burn coal gas [4] rather than coal [5] – and thus produce less carbon dioxide than a traditional coal plant – may be the dumbest idea to fight imaginary global warming to date. If you swallow the alarmists’ premise and “solutions,” the plant so far is a joke, as recent evidence shows it is using more energy than it produces."

Posted by: Fred Gregory at March 25, 2014 07:24 PM

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