February 22, 2014

Hube's Coolest Sci-Fi Weapons of All-Time

The Corner's Thursday Links yesterday included a link to the Top Ten Coolest Guns in Sci-Fi. I was a bit disappointed as they were just hand weapons/rifle-style gizmos. So, as a result, you know what that means: Because no one demanded it, here are Hube's Coolest Sci-Fi Weapons (not just guns) of All-Time! I've limited the list to film -- TV and/or movies. If I included print, this list could be interminable.


The Preds had many cool weapons, but the coolest and frequent last resort option was this one. It's also handy for blowing off Carl Weathers' arm so you can then gut him with wrist knives.


AKA "Imperial Walkers." Not the most elegant of weapons, but a most-cool niche weapon, like for use on the ice planet of Hoth. "Target: Maximum firepower!"


One of the original Star Trek's coolest episodes, it features a massive neutronium ice cream cone powered by a total conversion of matter drive whose objective is wanton, total destruction of everything.


The bad guy in the second Star Blazers series, it was impervious to the ultra-powerful Wave Motion Gun (see below), destroyed our moon, and was proceeding to decimate Earth until thwarted by an omnipotent entity.


One of Star Trek: Voyager's coolest [two-part] episodes, it detailed the lost Federation ship's continuing battle with a vessel which could continually alter history to its will.


"That's no moon."
"I sure hope the old man got that tractor beam out of commission or this is gonna be a real short trip! OK, hit it!"


Easily the coolest of the cool. How can it not be cool when you resurrect a mid-20th century battleship in the beginning of the 23rd century, equip it with an alien FTL engine, and use that same tech to build a "gun" which can obliterate a planet? The Yamato's (or Argo's for the American market) ultimate weapon helped defeat the evil Gamilon Empire and saved Earth from radioactive ruin in the classic early 80s Star Blazers anime.

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