February 19, 2014

The Land of Make Believe

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said that no way will ObumbleCare cost any jobs. "No evidence," she said, and "every economist will tell you that," she added.

A recent CBO report said the economy "will lose the equivalent of over 2 million jobs because Obamacare will incentivize people to not work or to work fewer hours, and the taxes and mandates of the law will cause some jobs to be cut."

Meanwhile, Sebelius was also getting flack for the Obama admin's obvious racism -- the ObumbleCare website still isn't ready with authentic Spanish translations Recall the early mess this issue caused..Some of the examples sound just like my old Spanish teacher used to chide us about. For example, the website, "when trying to say 'out-of-pocket costs,' uses gastos de su bolsillo, which means 'cost of my pocket.' One silly anecdote I always recall was one less-than-able student telling my HS Spanish teacher Dame mi pluma espalda. He wanted to say "Give me my pen back," but espalda means "back" as in "the back of your body."

The Spanish version of healthcare.gov ain't much better, it seems.

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