February 18, 2014

Good thing our government cares about the important things

Like "climate change." First, "Lurch" Kerry, our illustrious Secretary of State, told Indonesia of all places, that climate change (not global warming) is like a weapon of mass destruction, and "the greatest challenge of our generation."

Elsewhere, Boss Obama ordered truck efficiency standards raised because, y'know, climate change.

Good thing the Boss Obama admin is keyed right in to the cares and worries of Americans, eh? I mean, climate change is WAY up there on the list of public priorities, right?

*Sigh* Amazing how we're supposed to be chomping at the bit to somehow curb climate change so that 500 years from now things won't be a bit warmer. Meanwhile, our federal debt screams along out of control, and no one seems to care one about that much more immediate concern not one bit. Anyone who makes an issue of that is demonized to the Nth degree as "holding the country hostage."

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