February 16, 2014

Makes sense, I guess -- she thinks only whites can be racist

Well, to be fair, comics nutjob Gail Simone had backed "white privilege" whiner Suey Park up on Twitter, but then refused to outright answer Park's contention that only white people could be racist. But maybe this retweet by her settles the matter:

Knowing predictable "progressives" as I do, I surmise Simone and Ms. Kendall are miffed at the trial of this person down in (again) Florida? But unlike a certain other racially charged trial (thanks for the mainstream media, natch), this gent has actually been convicted. It may not have been what certain folks wanted (and the defendant may stand a retrial on the desired charge of murder one), but it's obviously enough to begin another ridiculous "progressive" hate-fest, along with the wildly hyperbolic and specious claims of moonbats like Simone and Kendall.

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Simone is an idiot, plain and simple. Anyone who thinks that it's "unsafe" to be black in America clearly isn't in touch with reality. Then again, these total moonbats have to act like it's still 1955, or otherwise they wouldn't have anything to get angry about on social media.

Posted by: Carl at February 16, 2014 08:19 PM

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