February 11, 2014

Get numerous threats, racial and sexual epithets ...

... but you get suspended for the one instance of responding in kind. Such is what happened to Philly sports talk host Mike Missanelli. After years of receiving e-mails from a deranged fan, e-mails which included "the use of racial epithets, threats against Missanelli's daughter and calling an ex-girlfriend a whore," Missanelli finally responded. But -- gasp!! -- he used a "homophobic" slur in said response! In today's world, there's no greater offense! As such, Missanelli got a week suspension.

This is relevant to this post from yesterday, where a member of the LGOMB thinks it's no big deal if a gay (man) scopes out another (straight) guy's package. But heaven forbid if a (straight) guy objects! Or, makes a comparison to (straight) gender differences and how they're analogous.

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Yeesh. So it's okay for the deranged fan to make insults but not for Missanelli to do the same, in response? Double standard. And calling someone "racisthomophogicsexistbigot" is like the modern Scarlet Letter and loses all meaning because it trivializes real instances of such.

Posted by: Carl at February 11, 2014 04:58 PM

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