February 10, 2014

A Kickstarter idea whose idea is not only unoriginal, but based on pure media bias

Over at Bleeding Cool, Brad Faye wants you to contribute to his effort to publish One Nation: Out of Darkness. Here's his tale of the story's origins:

It was around the time that I began to shape this character that I also began to learn more and more about the Islamic religion, and how much the truth conflicted with the ideas Id conceived following the events of 9/11. As a New York native who was living in Arizona the day of the attacks, I can vividly recall the scare my family went through while making sure our loved ones were safe, and I remember how that fear was quickly replaced by anger. Instead of asking what would lead somebody to do something so heinous, or rather than researching Islam myself, I took the easy road and demanded revenge against those who had the gall to attack us on American soil. And since the terrorists who had physically conducted the attacks were already dead, all I could do was root for vengeance against those who were still among the living. Not helping matters much was that the very first thing I remember seeing after turning on my television that morning was footage of people in Palestine celebrating the attacks. This footage which came to me courtesy of FOX News gave me the embodiment to which I could channel my anger and aggression the Middle East and its dominant religion of Islam. In a very short time, I was drinking the USA Kool-Aid and felt anger towards anyone who wasnt.

He goes on to say that, years later, he can only "shake his head" at his "ignorance," and is "thankful" for the "enlightenment" that he eventually discovered. Got it.

Let's consider Faye's statement above. Did his enlightenment lead to him to understand that there is no "understanding" people like Osama bin Laden? If we gave in to "what led" bin Laden's purported reasons were for his attacks, then we'd all be living under Sharia law, and Israel wouldn't exist. Next, what is wrong about seeking vengeance among the living? Faye's nebulousness can lead to believe he (and other Americans) desired to kill any Muslims following 9/11; that is just plain silly, of course, and there is (was) absolutely nothing wrong with counter-attacking al Qaeda and Taliban strongholds in Afghanistan ... which is precisely what we did.

In addition, Faye shows himself to be the usual "progressive" blowhard by intimating that those Palestinians dancing in the streets after 9/11 was a fiction created by that dastardly Fox News. This is patently ridiculous and utterly false (as someone thankfully pointed out in the comments section). Did Faye's "research" about Muslim reaction to the attacks include anything like these? Or how about this poll which shows that a majority of Muslim nations do not believe Muslims were responsible for 9/11? And did Faye know that it isn't Muslims who face the greatest threat of violence due to their religion/beliefs in the US, it is Jews? It appears Faye is still drinking the Kool-Aid; he's just switched flavors.

Lastly, this yarn is about a female Muslim teenager? Hasn't Faye checked out one of Marvel's latest??

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Faye is yet another progressive idiot who would rather blame America for 9-11 as opposed to the Islamists who orchestrated the attacks.

Posted by: Carl at February 10, 2014 05:32 PM

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