January 31, 2014

Let's check in with the moonbat comicbook creators again!

Our pal Gail Simone retweets the following:

However, if you take the time to check the link, here's what it actually says:

No school board or school administrator may prohibit a teacher in public or nonpublic school from providing instruction on intelligent design or other related topics.

Now while I agree that public schools shouldn't be teaching this stuff, this bill, however, also states that non-public schools shouldn't be hindered from teaching such. Although I'd be curious why such a bill would be needed to ensure that non-public schools can teach I.D. Is some state law prohibiting such?

Elsewhere, Ron Marz is still obsessing over acquitted [WHITE HISPANIC] George Zimmerman:

That second one being snark about Amanda Knox. Why does Marz obsess so about [WHITE HISPANIC] Zimmerman? He's tweeted "gotcha" tweets every time he supposedly had threatened his girlfriend (the girlfriend, who seems to have a screw loose, has backed off from her complaints/charges each time), tweeted when [WHITE HISPANIC] Zimmerman might get in trouble for copying someone's photo, and now ...? Because Amanda Knox made the news?

We're not here to defend [WHITE HISPANIC] Zimmerman by any means. The guy certainly appears to have some issues, to be sure. But the "progressive" obsession with the guy is bizarre. Guys like Marz keep it alive ... why? To [re]establish their bona fides as "one of the ["progressive"] team? To keep alive the idea that "racism is just as bad now as it was in, say, 1954?" I mean, if [WHITE HISPANIC] Zimmerman's case is such an "example" of never-dying racism, what explains Roderick Scott?

And, sadly again there's Kurt Busiek, who seemingly has no problem at all with the Lie of the Year from our president, yet is so miffed at the GOP for apparently hyping up a not-quite accurate anecdote that he's compelled to retweet it:

Earth to Busiek: Try counting the number of whoppers President Lemon told you in the SOTU. That is, if you can manage to get past your dogma.

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I did some research on Phil Plait and discovered that he's the quintessential militant atheist; he's a member of or at least associated with the Freedom of Religion Foundation. I don't have a problem with non-public schools teaching intelligent design. I've always viewed the conflict between religion and evolution as pointless; frankly, my views are a mixture of both.

And Marz is still bringing up Zimmerman? I agree that he wasn't a saint, but neither was Trayvon Martin. Marz is just desperate for attention, largely because his comic career (his comics were awful) has wound down.

Posted by: Carl at January 31, 2014 11:22 PM

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