January 29, 2014

Thanks, Jack

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell will seek a ten cent hike in the state's gas tax for road and bridge improvement.

Gee, thanks man. Considering the problems with DelDOT in the past, not to mention some of their ridiculous choices (repaving the already-newly repaved Naamans Road in the early 2000s and making the road worse, the new Route 1 overpass by Christiana Mall which inexplicably still merges into one lane after about a quarter mile, to name just two), who the hell wants to add a dime per gallon to their fill-up? Especially in this economy??

But hey -- that's what you get, folks, in a one-party system. Remember -- this is the government that spent eight million of your tax dollars to bail out the state casinos. But Joe Six Packs have to shell out an extra buck-plus every fill-up.

Democrats: The "party of the working man." Chee-yeah, right.

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My state's Democrat Party is the same way, Hube. They call themselves, laughably, the "Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Laborer" Party, yet they do everything they can to screw the farmers and laborers over.

Posted by: Carl at January 29, 2014 06:41 PM

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