January 26, 2014

Greg Abbott truthers have emerged

Wendy "Abortion on Demand" Davis, the Democratic candidate for Texas governor whose sugar daddy paid her way through college and law school (and whom she promptly divorced when she was through), has -- rightly -- gotten flack from various (mostly right-of-center) media sources for the embellishment of her résume. Her challenger, Republican Greg Abbott, has been questioned as to whether ... his disability is legit:

Remember, folks -- lunacy on the left is either accepted as mainstream and/or even rewarded (like MSNBC's Touré and CNN's Van Jones who are known 9/11 Truthers), but if you dare to question something like our president's birthplace (because he himself and those around him were so nebulous about it in the first place), then you're a raving psychopath.

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I figured it was only a matter of time before Davis and her fawning sycophantic supporters would resort to disgusting conspiracy theories like this. It's all they have.

It continues to amaze me how Truthers are considered employable by outfits like CNN and/or MSNBC. There are no Birthers working for Fox or any other conservative organizations, after all, and rightly so. I'm no fan of Obama, obviously, but I'm not a Birther, either.

Posted by: Carl at January 26, 2014 06:15 PM

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