January 19, 2014

Steve Newton on the issues

Steve Newton, candidate for 22nd District Delaware State Representative, on the issues:

Education: Give resources to teachers and students, not high-stakes tests or punitive assessments; set up an elected State Board of Education that appoints a State Superintendent of Education to replace the now-very partisan Secretary of Education; school districts themselves should become the primary grantors of charters; DOE should be converted into a service and support organization rather than a supervisory one; the feds pay only about 6-7% of the cost of Delaware public education, and that’s about how much influence they should have.

Budget: It's time to end corporate welfare, risky investments and bail-outs; we should use those tens of millions for education and infrastructure improvements instead, and let those attract new business; we should reduce the bloated budget of the Department of Public Safety and Homeland Security (see below); the state should take care of state employees before you pay off CEOs; we need to prove that the General Assembly can manage the money it already has before there is a press for new revenue.

Homeland Security: We need a citizens’ oversight board and fiscal accountability for the Delaware Information Analysis Center [DIAC—fusion center]; we need to scale back the rapidly ballooning budget of Public Safety and Homeland Security, to include repurposing some of the savings into fixing Wilmington; and, why does the DSP have a navy?

Government transparency; End the practice of secret AG opinions to run organizations like DNREC or DPH; end the practice of illegal task forces (charter school task force); or the stacking of membership on boards like the hospital approval board;

Campaign reform: Let’s require real-time identification of donors and work toward only allowing individual donors; despite Citizens United there are ways to get PACs and 504s out of our state races, or at least hobble their anonymity; let’s require any debate or forum sponsored by an organization that accepts State funding to invite ALL ballot qualified candidates; let’s restore fusion candidacies and allow more voices (Green, Libertarian, etc.) to be heard in the political process.

Marijuana: Decriminalize it immediately; we should move expeditiously toward legalization; this will to reductions in violent crime and prison costs; the state should treat real substance addiction as a medical not criminal problem; legalization will lead to potential new revenues (a la Colorado).

Personal Liberty; Fix the absurd laws that prevent Certified Professional Midwives from attending home births; allow the sale of raw milk and other products of small farms under a “cottage industry” statute; relax or eliminate many small business licensing requirements and taxes to encourage “micro-businesses,” especially in Wilmington; stop the blanket collection of license plate images and other intrusive, unsupervised surveillance of law-abiding citizens by Delaware law enforcement

Gun Control: We should revisit previously passed legislation to remove sections that exempt current and retired police officers; if you have only one issue and it is gun control, then I’m probably not your guy.

Steve Newton for State Representative.

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