January 16, 2014

Steve Newton for for 22nd District State Representative

Citing an atmosphere of “politics as usual rather than public service” afflicting the Delaware General Assembly, Dr. Steve Newton today announced his candidacy for 22nd District (Pike Creek) State Representative. “Over the past few years our legislature has spent tens of millions on corporate welfare and casino bail-outs, while cutting State funding for transporting homeless students to school,” Newton said. “The priorities are clearly wrong.”

Newton, a Professor of History and Political Science at Delaware State University, believes he will bring critical public service experience to the General Assembly. “I’ve spent twenty years in the military, six years as a union president, and more than two decades working to improve public and higher education. I’ve served on task forces and commissions, and I’m tired of seeing that hard work watered down or ignored by State government.”

Fighting for a return to local control and pulling back from high-stakes testing in Delaware schools will be a priority, Newton explained. “We need to support students, parents, and teachers with resources, not new tests or punitive assessment models.” He also cited increased transparency and campaign spending reform as essential steps toward a better functioning government. “We’ve had an illegal charter school task force, secret Attorney General’s Office opinions, and a bipartisan atmosphere of ‘pay to play’ accepted as the status quo,” Newton asserted. “That’s got to change.”

Newton has lived in Limestone Hills in Pike Creek since 1997; his wife Faith is also a DSU Professor. They have three children and one grandchild. He is running as a Libertarian: “I won’t waste your money, I won’t try to run your private life, and I’ll be answering to voters, not party bosses.”

Steve's candidacy website is here. His political blog is The Delaware Libertarian.

Contributions to Steve can be sent to:
Friends of Steve Newton, 189 Fairhill Drive, Wilmington DE 19808.
(Make checks out to Friends of Steve Newton.) I'll be contributing! Yours truly is a big fan of Steve and his writings; I hope you'll join me in supporting his run.

There will certainly be more forthcoming! Stay tuned.

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I don't live in Delaware, obviously, but if I did, Steve would have my vote. I've been reading his blog from time to time. Very well-written.

Posted by: Carl at January 16, 2014 11:20 PM

The Colossus of Rhodey: Steve Newton for for 22nd District State Representative
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