January 12, 2014

Some comics news

Well, who didn't see this coming? Peter Parker will be back as the Amazing Spider-Man in April. If you had no idea, for quite some time now, Parker's body has been taken over by his arch-nemesis Doctor Octopus. Ock has been playing the "hero" as the "Superior" Spider-Man. Writer Dan Slott had to endure "reaction ranging from death threats to Internet backlash to childrens’ tears while maintaining secrecy" of all this. Of course, death threats are beyond ridiculous; however, WTF does he expect to happen with regards to the 'net and social media? And why wouldn't young kids cry upon learning their favorite is "dead," and is now one of his worst enemies? (Hey, don't believe for a second that Slott was ever really upset about all that ... he loved every minute of it.)

Elsewhere, Image Comics' (and conspiratorial moonbat) Erik Larsen addresses the question of whatever happened to the title Image United -- the book where all the supposed hotshot creators' characters are all featured together. Issue #s 1-3 came out (with a wacky schedule), but #4 has never seen the light of day. A #0 and Prelude came about ... "to fill the scheduling gaps." (If the word "schedule" actually means anything to these prima donnas.) At any rate, Larsen engages in a bit of honesty: "I think we should just say ‘You know what? It’s never going to happen. Sorry, but we’re a bunch of dicks’."

Some people find this offensive; I actually think it's pretty cool. And why not? Doesn't this embrace what America is all about -- a melting pot coalescing around a common [political] belief system?

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Didn't that idiot Slott mock those who brought up children in reference to his desecration of Spider-Man? Since comics today are so predictable, I saw Peter returning from a mile away, just in time to coincide with the next movie. Sad thing is, Slott will be staying on the title.

Posted by: Carl at January 12, 2014 11:31 PM

The Colossus of Rhodey: Some comics news
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The Colossus of Rhodey: Some comics news

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The Colossus of Rhodey: Some comics news

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The Colossus of Rhodey: Some comics news

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