January 09, 2014

Look! A scandal the media doesn't have to cover for!!

By now you've probably heard about the [potential] scandal surrounding New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. If you haven't, you really haven't been paying attention:

From CBS News.com's main page this morning:

From ABC News.com's main page this morning:

From NBC News.com's main page this morning:

From CNN.com's main page this morning:

You can add to this mix MSNBC's (surprise, that) "Morning Joe," ("This Could ‘Kill’ Him Being GOP Nominee") and the Washington Post ("Bridge Scandal Engulfing Christie"). And check it -- There's already 17 times more coverage on Christie scandal than in last six months of the IRS scandal. SEVENTEEN TIMES!

Now, we're not saying that this matter should not be covered. Not by any means. What we are saying is ... the guy in the White House didn't get these sort of headlines (or nightly news lead-offs like NBC's last evening) when the Benghazi situation exploded, or especially when the IRS scandal and bungled ObumbleCare rollout unfolded. If he did, they were often defensive and included phrases like "the GOP alleges ..." To make the point, just take a gander at what the LA Times' Doyle McManus wrote about Boss Obama, for instance:

For many presidents — Richard M. Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton — this was the point when the scandals took over. President Obama has run into his share of controversies, but none that quite reached scandalhood. (Does anyone even remember the IRS flap?)

If not, Doyle, we have only people like yourself to blame, idiot.

I'm not a very big fan of Chris Christie; I happen to think this whole "traffic study" nonsense is just that: hooey. However, unlike President Lemon, the dude held a two hour press conference and answered every question put his way. And -- he actually fired some people. And sorry, this state matter is small peanuts compared to using the country's own secret police -- the IRS -- to intimidate and punish people, not to mention constantly lying about your major policy initiative which alters one-sixth of the economy and screws people out of their health insurance.

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