January 04, 2014

Illegal immigrant gains law license

... and the LA Times never once uses the term "illegal." In fact, its headline merely says “California court grants law license to Mexican immigrant.” Like, so what if that's all there is to it?

Hey, it's certainly a debatable matter about this guy's case, being that he was brought to the US as a year and a half-old boy. But the Times doesn't want you to debate the matter. It's wants you to accept its point of view, which, natch, is all in favor of this guy getting his law license.

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That's why newspapers like the LA Times (and indeed the whole of the MSM) are on the decline. They don't want you to think on your own, they want to think for you. My local paper is the same way.

Posted by: Carl at January 5, 2014 11:46 PM

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