January 03, 2014

Best article on Star Trek's trutherism yet

As we noted back in September, the writer of Star Trek Into Darkness is a known 9-11 Truther. This site does a terrific job of nailing down all the related nonsense. The conclusion:

While there have been Starfleet officials who have been bad guys in the previous Trek continuity, Marcus is special because he’s the very head of Starfleet. In the reboot universe Starfleet isn’t dealing with occasional bad apples, it’s rotten from the very top. It is an organization run by criminals, something that would not have fit in Roddenberry’s vision.

(h/t to Nate)

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Yeah, I have a feeling that the Truther nonsense wouldn't sit well with Roddenberry at all.

Posted by: Carl at January 4, 2014 05:51 PM

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