December 29, 2013


Comics writer Gail Simone actually had the cojones to tweet this today:

Really, Gail? Really?? You routinely make it personal when someone has the temerity to challenge your politically-oriented tweets. One need only look at yesterday as an example. Since you had been regularly tweeting about feminist Suey Park, all blogger Douglas Ernst did was ask you whether you agreed with one of her more provocative statements -- that only white people can be racist. Was there any attempt by you at a serious discussion of the matter? Did you even attempt to answer Doug's question, Gail?

See this?? You'd better agree with me!

Hell, no. But we pretty much knew that going in. It's your perpetual M.O. Whenever you actually attempt to get serious on Twitter, you constantly fall back to the "cute" quips and sarcasm whenever challenged. Or even hardly challenged. So, why even bother trying to be serious, then? Your hypocrisy is knee-slap-inducing. The other day you stated your "philosophy" about comics was "simple": That you want to be "welcoming" and don't want anyone to feel "excluded." You did not follow that up with a needed "except ..." which would have been followed by "pretty much anyone who dares to disagree with me, especially evil conservatives/Republicans/libertarians, etc."

And then today you actually bitch about "making it personal." A straight defiance of parody, this.

(h/t to Carl)

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Yeah, like I said in the e-mail, I think that given her snarky, condescending and downright nasty responses toward people who disagree with her (especially conservatives/libertarians/Republicans like us), she is no position to whine about personal attacks.

Posted by: Carl at December 30, 2013 12:25 AM

I knew of Gail Simone's politics before the other day, but I never really interacted with her. I think it's rather humorous that I was blocked for asking a rather straightforward and direct question. She defends feminist Suey Park, and then refuses to answer whether she agrees with Ms. Park that "only" white people can be racist. Telling.

But alas, according to Ms. Simone's followers, unless you sit down one-on-one with Ms. Park and like-minded feminists and agree to talk about whatever definition of racism they come up with then you're trying to "dominate" them. Gotcha. Good luck creating a national movement when half the people in your own camp can't even agree on the definitions of key terms and phrases...

Posted by: Douglas Ernst at December 31, 2013 12:05 AM