December 28, 2013

N.B.C. highlights protests against Obama

... from the left:

Returning from an early morning gym visit at nearby Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Obama's motorcade passed a few dozen protesters holding signs with slogans including "Drones: Unethical and Illegal," "U.S. Bases Out" and "Close Guantanamo Now." Others expressed their opposition to genetically modified foods.

Others protested the "Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact being negotiated between the United States and several Asian and South American countries," and as you can see in the picture atop the article, there were pickets saying "Help Gaza" and "Stop Israeli Holocaust in Palestine."

Interestingly, not a chirp about ObumbleCare. Maybe it's 'cause those folks are busy working their asses off in anticipation of the dropped coverage and/or skyrocketing costs.

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