December 27, 2013

Laugher of the Day

MSNBC's Chris Hayes is miffed -- miffed, I tell you -- that Fox News is supposedly "playing up" incidents of the so-callled "knockout game" because, well, you know: "racism."

OK, done giggling yet? I know, I know ... MSNBC complaining about "racism" is like Hitler complaining about violence. (Yes, I invoked Godwin's Law ... sorta.) Remember, this is the network where one its talking heads somehow thought -- or wanted you to think -- that a Republican lawmaker who once associated Boss Obama with the PGA Tour (because of the amount of time the president plays golf) was actually referencing Tiger Woods and the dreaded "violent, sexually promiscuous black man" stereotype.

Interestingly, back to the knockout game, the feds have brought forth hate crimes charges against ... a white suspect in a "knockout"-style attack. Now, keep in mind that in this case it was a pretty easy decision since the accused, Conrad Barrett, had gone on [video] record saying that he wanted to attempt a "knockout"-style attack “to see if I were to hit a black person, would this be nationally televised?” But, natch, there's only been one other such charge brought against a person in all the other assaults (the victim was a Jewish man), even though in just about every other case the assailants were black and the victims white. The NARRATIVETM, after all!

UPDATE: Mediaite's Tommy Christopher, clearly as mentally defective as the MSNBC dolts, blames -- wait for it! -- Fox News for the "hate crime" knockout attack noted above:

Best response?

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My sister accused me of "making things up" regarding the knockout game back in November and refused to Google it because it's "a f****ing lie made up by racists." She's in denial of reality.

Hayes is a clown. He's like a younger Chris Matthews, a white liberal moonbat who sees "racism" in everything.

Posted by: Carl at December 27, 2013 01:10 PM

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