December 21, 2013

Quote Christian beliefs and scripture, get the ax ...

... but convert to Islam and call for the death of another person? Get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

KISS led the popular vote, while [Cat] Stevens brought up the rear. However, the Hall has a sort of “electoral college” that gets to override the people’s choices.

This leads to a frankly bizarre situation, in which bands like Yes (10.88% of the popular vote) and Deep Purple (11.93%) beat out Stevens (5.37%) but don’t get inducted.

Yep, Cat Stevens, who in the 1970s (after "years of multi-platinum success" and hence, making a ton of dough) converted to Islam and assumed the name Yusuf Islam, called for the death of author Salman Rushdie and supported Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini. And the Hall calls all this ... "courageous." That's right -- "courageous."

That had to be how this dope got in. What else explains it? He finishes last in the popular vote, yet gets in thanks to the PC powers-that-be because his conversion was "courageous." And over a group like Yes, too, which makes me even angrier. (Yes is one of my favorite music groups. Deep Purple is one of my old college friend's fave bands.)

I like what Kathy Shaidle wishes: A smackdown of Stevens/Islam by KISS's Gene Simmons (who's Jewish) on live TV.

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I love Yes and Deep Purple. I was just listening to "I've Seen All Good People," as a matter of fact. It's a shame that neither got in. I like Stevens' older music, too, but I don't listen to him anymore because of the stuff you mentioned.

Posted by: Carl at December 21, 2013 10:55 PM

The Yes Album is my favorite, with "Starship Trooper" probably my fave song of theirs. (And no relation to me liking that novel, either!) I was fortunate to see them in 1984 and again in 1988.

Posted by: Hube at December 22, 2013 08:20 AM

So if I've got this right, if one is either gay or moslem he is propelled to the head of the class?

Posted by: Hoagie at December 22, 2013 09:58 AM

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