December 20, 2013

Comics & sci-fi Friday

The big thing today is writer/blogger/reformed Muslim Bosch Fawstin's article at PJ Media titled 10 Truths Mainstream Comic Books Evade To Promote ‘Muslim Superheroes.' Bosch is extremely passionate, and takes no prisoners. You may remember how Marvel is rebranding the title Ms. Marvel with the title hero a Muslim with super powers. Bosch discusses this and a lot more; it's a must-read.

I sort of got a kick out of this, linked to by Bosch. Blogger J. Caleb Mozzocco couldn't understand why no one was reading JLA/The 99. The 99 was (is) an all-Muslim super-team who got their powers "through magical Noor stones," and the team name comes from the ninety-nine attributes of Allah. Mozzocco writes

I did experience a new emotion while reading this installment of the sales analysis though, beyond the usual shades of the gray and blue rainbow of sadness I generally get from the chart—shock.

Specifically, I’m shocked at how poorly JLA/The 99 seems to be selling in the direct market.

They received about as much press coverage as any comic book characters could hope to. In the six-issue miniseries JLA/The 99, the new heroes team up with The Justice League of America, the DC super-team (usually) composed of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the most popular and well-known superheroes who aren’t owned by Marvel.

It started off selling pretty poorly, and, in just four issues, is selling half as many copies.

Well, as Bosch says in his article, it won't matter how much a series is promoted in the press if the story is poor. (And, as Mozzocco's commenters state, the price is too high.) Merely making a big deal out of the fact that the characters are "different" -- in this case, Muslim -- doesn't mean squat if the story and art blow. And if the tale is preposterously PC. This will happen with Marvel's new Ms. Marvel, too, I guarantee it.

Elsewhere, Carl brings word, sadly, of how sci-fi author John Scalzi is acting just like the usual cadre of "progressive" contemporary comicbook writers when faced with the slightest degree of criticism. In this instance, writer/blogger Ed Trimnell took issue with Scalzi, and the latter responded thusly (my emphasis):

Out there in the stupidosphere comes the suggestion that …I am a stone-cold opportunist…(No, I’m not going to link to the blog post in question, because it is in the stupidosphere. You can probably find it if you make the effort. But why would you? Now, then -)

This appears to be Scalzi's M.O., especially now that he's "made it." As Trimnell says, if you're going to blog, and especially blog about politics, you have to expect disagreement. But if you're Scalzi -- not to mention some of our usual [comicbook] nemeses like Ron Marz, Kurt Busiek, Gail Simone and Mark Waid -- you don't have to take the dissension. You're "above" it all. You're "better" than those who differ with you merely due to the fact that you're more well known and financially successful. The only response to make to those who disagree (if you make a response at all) is snarky scorn.

Such a shame. I dig Scalzi's Old Man's War universe. But as with the snotty comicbook creators, why should anyone patronize you if you treat people (and their differing viewpoints) with smug contempt?

In the comics Twitter-verse, the aforementioned Kurt Busiek and Ron Marz are actually right about the issues surrounding Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty/A&E network. They've both correctly noted that this is not a First Amendment issue. But that didn't stop them from their usual snotty snark, natch:

Um, Kurt? Palin never demanded Letterman be axed for his vile remarks. Some of her supporters did, but not the governor herself. Indeed, when she accepted Letterman's eventual apology, what she did say was "Letterman certainly has the right to 'joke' about whatever he wants to, and thankfully we have the right to express our reaction." This isn't the first time Busiek has ripped on Palin; back in early 2011 he took up the MSM narrative in wondering if the governor's "target" imagery was in some way culpable for Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords being shot but a psycho. (And be sure to read my response to Kurt in the comments to the previous link; it's directly related to being thin-skinned when getting responses to posted political opinions.)

And let's not forget our "pal" Ron Marz, of course, who tweeted yesterday:

Indeed. Because Duck Dynasty's Robertson has so much in common with the representative who was busted for cocaine possession, right?


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Just sent you another e-mail about how now the wife of Scalzi's editor has attacked Trimnell for daring to criticize Scalzi.

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