December 18, 2013

Are you f***ing kidding me??

This is how ObumbleCare is being marketed to the gay community??

This is not a parody, folks.

Word has it the geniuses in the administration have more PSAs in mind for other specific communities:

  • People hocking OC (ObumbleCare) to African-Americans at a KFC.
  • Obama minions pushing OC to Irish at a local watering hole.
  • Permanently smiley young 20-somethings getting in your face about OC to Asians at a college advanced math class.
  • OC acolytes selling OC to Native Americans by going teepee to teepee with a bottle of whiskey in hand.
  • Hispanics getting the OC treatment by Obamanauts dressed in mariachi uniforms complete with sombreros at a Taco Bell.
  • OC merchants peddling their wares to British nationals by wearing plastic fake bad teeth.
  • OC serfs promoting OC to Indians by heading to the nearby 7-11 while the soundtrack to Slumdog Millionaire plays in the background. VP Joe Biden personally appears in this one, for obvious reasons.

(Note: The management does not intend to offend any racial/ethnic/religious/etc. group by omitting them from the bulleted list above.)

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My taxes paid for this crap!?!

Posted by: Charlene at December 18, 2013 08:45 PM

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