December 16, 2013

Five Great Chris Hitchens takedowns

Probably the most appealing thing about Hitch is that you really never knew where he would come down on an issue. Thus, it was really hard to ever dislike the guy, even if he was vociferously against your own point-of-view on a matter. And címon -- anyone who mocks Bill Maherís audience to their faces and then flips them off is 100% a-ok in my book.

Here is the Daily Callerís top five Hitchensí moments. I recall that Hitch also once took on (if you could call it that, considering the amount of intellectual effort Hitch has to expend) Al Sharpton in a debate about religion. Hitch was way too polite, and it was the only time I found myself rooting for an atheist over a believer in such a debate.

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I'm not an atheist, obviously, but anyone who gives the finger to Bill Maher's monolithic audience and makes Al Sharpton look like a dolt (which shouldn't be too hard to do) is pretty cool in my book. He was also one of the few atheists who actually criticized Islamist terrorism, something that I've never heard clowns like Dawkins do.

Posted by: Carl at December 16, 2013 11:16 PM

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