December 11, 2013

Round robin

-- How the MSM operates for the LIVs: Check out how writes up Ted Cruz vamoosing from his seat at the Nelson Mandela memorial service:

Get it? He just "walked out." Making it seem, of course, disrespectful to the dead South African leader himself. But he walked out when Cuban president Raśl Castro began speaking. Which you need to click the link on to actually find that out.

-- Speaking of the Mandela memorial, Frida Ghitis (also at is a true believer. She wants us to still believe the bullsh** that comes out of the president's mouth:

It's a pity that so many are focusing on a handshake between President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro. They are missing the much more poignant events that unfolded during Tuesday's memorial service in South Africa.

Sure, the handshake was noteworthy, maybe even meaningful. But any satisfaction Castro might have found in the gesture, any comfort authoritarian regimes might have drawn from the moment of politeness toward a dictator, dissolved in the far more powerful message of the entire event -- and of Obama's own resonant speech.

You can blame Obama for other things, but don't deny this was a piercing speech, a full-throated defense of democracy and freedom.

*Sigh* Of course, it's quite debatable as to Obama's commitment to such principles, even with his most recent actions (i.e. conciliation) towards Iran. Not to mention, the sad fact of the matter is that Mandela himself was chummy with the likes of Fidel Castro, Moammar Kadafi, and Yassir Arafat. I can understand these relationships of Mandela's as "fellow oppressed," but only Castro really makes sense. Cuba was essentially a playground for US interests prior to the '59 revolution; the problem is that Castro and co. with their revolution made everything worse. What's Kadafi and Arafat's excuse? In particular, the latter has no one to blame but his fellow Arab states for the predicament he and his fellow Palestinians faced. But, as usual, it easier to blame the Jooooooooos! At any rate, unlike these others, Mandela (despite being a revolutionary and former Communist) actually did transition his country's formerly oppressive government into a majority-rule democracy. What's Obama's excuse for coddling dictators?

-- Elsewhere, here's another misleading website header from

Oh, ObumbleCare sign-ups are up, eh? Let's click on the link, and the title says: "Obamacare sign-ups hit 365,000, but there's a long way to go." Yeah, included in that is Delaware, natch: Latest Obamacare signup numbers released; Delaware's still small.

Even better is CBS's ObumbleCare portrayal:

Yeah, if it wasn't for those "GOP attacks," ObumbleCare would be steaming along just fine!!

-- Lousy poll numbers across the board for Boss Obama.

-- Anyone buying this one? Black fashion student says Hasidic men attacked him, shouted anti-gay slurs in Williamsburg. Hasidic?? Pardon my utter skepticism. PJ Media has more on why you should scratch your head, too.

-- Greg at Rhymes With Right agrees with the teacher in this story. I do, too. How about you?

-- Movie remakes: Terminator and Godzilla. Does anyone care?

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They're rebooting Terminator?! Yeesh. They should've pulled the plug after number 3... the fourth movie sucked and so did the short-lived TV series, apart from Summer Glau, that is. As for Godzilla, I like the series, but I don't like how they're going back to the original 1954 film and using the creature as an allegory for some political issue; the original was nuclear weapons... Lord knows what they'll use the creature as an allegory for in the new movie.

As for Cruz, I don't blame him for walking out. The Castros have done nothing but harm to Cuba. Fidel and his buddy Che Guevara massacred thousands of innocents in the 1960s. Gaddaffi was a monster and so was Arafat. I don't know why Mandela- or any leader, for that matter- would want to pal around with those people, although like you said, he did change South Africa during his Presidency and turned it into a majority rule democracy. It's gone downhill since he left, though.

I find Obama's coddling of dictators to be quite pathetic myself.

Posted by: Carl at December 11, 2013 07:56 PM

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