December 05, 2013

It's always those Jooooooos!

NYC councilwoman-elect Laurie Cumbo says that the apparently racially/religiously motivated "knock out" attacks in the city " represent a 'genuine concern' about Jewish influence."

Laurie Cumbo, the [African-American] councilwoman-elect for the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights, made the comments in an open letter posted to her Facebook page. In the letter, Cumbo reports that many of her African-American constituents are alarmed by the growth of the local Jewish community.

“Many African American/Caribbean residents expressed a genuine concern that as the Jewish community continues to grow, they would be pushed out by their Jewish landlords or by Jewish families looking to purchase homes,” Cumbo wrote. ”I respect and appreciate the Jewish community’s family values and unity that has led to strong political, economic and cultural gains… While I personally regard this level of tenacity, I also recognize that for others, the accomplishments of the Jewish community triggers feelings of resentment, and a sense that Jewish success is not also their success.”

Need I ask it? As in, what if a white councilperson said this about the "encroachment" of the "growing" black community? That the "knock out" game thus is a legitimate response to this? And aren't you happy that this idiot Cumbo "recognizes" that the Jewish community is flush with accomplishments and success? So, WHY CAN'T I HAVE SOME OF THAT SUCCESS, DAMMIT??? Sounds like Cumbo is an acolyte of one Louis Farrakhan, to say the least. Ugh.

If there's one thing I can never figure out, it's why anti-Semitism is so prevalent. Maybe it's because, like with Ms. Cumbo, jealousy and envy are such common human traits. For me, Jewish history is a remarkable one: A small minority spread across the globe, yet always united. Education and continued learning is always a top priority, and as a result humanity has enormously benefited from the accomplishments of Jewish individuals. Though their numbers are very small, their accomplishments are prodigious. Such is something for which to be envious, but not negatively. It is something to be proud of, and to emulate.

Rob of JoshuaPundit has some thoughts (via e-mail):

Y'know, I saw her original statement and I have to be fair, that's not quite what she said IMO. What she said was that she blames the attacks on 'tension' between the Orthodox Jewish community and the black community in Crown Heights. She also made a point of saying that this was no excuse for violence.

Now that remark about 'tensions' denotes an equivalence, which of course is ridiculous (after all, gangs of Jews aren't targeting black folks) but given that she's a black politician who owes her position to a race-based vote, it's understandable. The tension undeniably exists. And yeah, blacks in Crown Heights and elsewhere do see Jews living more successful lives generally, in this case it's right in the neighborhood and instead of looking at why that might be and learning a few lessons, it's much easier to simply indulge in anti-semitism and envy. The same thing happened in Los Angeles and still happens with blacks and Koreans and other Asians. Although not so much anymore, since Koreans learned the same lessons Jews did after the '65 Watts riots and didn't rebuld or simply moved their small businesses out the area..which of course has led to complaints from the same residents who looted and burned the Koreans out about 'racism' and having to travel miles to buy goods and obtain services 'just because we're black' !

In Crown Heights, of course, the Orthodox Jews have simply decided not to give in to the usual white flight and have said this is their neighborhood too and they're staying. That's also a cause of 'tensions' for a lot of blacks.
( Is the day coming when we finally get sick and tired of dealing with black raced based greivance and 'tensions'?)

One thing she did say that I felt was a lot more anti-semitic ( although I think it might have been unconscious on her part) what that anger at what she termed 'landlords and high rents' among blacks was a factor in the tensions. That image automatically calls up in many minds the cartoon character of the Greedy Yid Landlord, preying on da poor black folks. never mind that rents are high in NYC even with rent control, and that Jewish renters in Crown Heights have to deal with the same landlords and rents. Or that nothing stopped black folks from investing in property as an income source and investment. Ask Charlie Rangel about that one!

I honestly don't think this woman intended to be anti-semitic. She was merely tying to make as non-judgmental a statement as possible for political reasons, without really delving into anything real.

Rob has more here.

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I don't understand why anti-Semitism is so prevalent, either. I've always found it to be ridiculous. And it stretches back to Biblical times, too... the ancient Egyptian historian Manetho (who assembled the King lists) was notoriously anti-Semitic, and so was the Greek historian Apion, to the point that a Jewish historian named Flavius josephus wrote a rebuttal called Against Apion.

Posted by: Carl at December 6, 2013 12:19 AM

"If there's one thing I can never figure out, it's why anti-Semitism is so prevalent."

For me, the answer has always been simple and a proof of Judiasm/Christianity: Jews are God's chosen people. This world is enemy-occupied territory. Therefore the enemy is always looking to wipe out God's favorites.

Posted by: Nate Winchester at December 6, 2013 08:38 AM

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