December 02, 2013

Gosh, GOP twitter account not specific enough!

Ann Althouse notes how "progressive" douchbaggery was in full swing yesterday as they were all aghast at this tweet from @GOP:

OK, so it's a bit inartfully worded. No, racism isn't ended yet. But didn't you know what it meant, average person with half a brain? Says Althouse:

First, you have to be enough of a douchebag to act like you don't see that "ending racism" is a process and that a person might have a role in that process even though that role didn't go so far as to entirely complete the process.

And then you have to think, here on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, that it's worth exploiting Rosa Parks for one more opportunity to bray at Republicans. Over nothing!

Speaking of douchebaggery, lo and behold there was our 'ol pal Dan Slott, writer of Superior Spider-Man, jumping right in:

Surprise, surprise, those. For the record, Slott did "thank" the GOP account for eventually amending the wording of their original tweet; however, there's certainly no doubt where Slott stands politically. He once got miffed (at yours truly) for pointing out this anti-Fox News tweet of his ... because I failed to mention he also retweeted similar posts critical of NPR and some other MSM outlets. (To him, I was supposed to monitor his tweets 24-7.) As if that was supposed to make him somehow politically "balanced." Right. Balanced like this? Or, like this? Or, like this?

Danny continues to live in his insulated "progressive" bubble, blissfully unaware that there are conservative/libertarian/Republican comicbook readers out there ... whom he continues to alienate with his LIV boilerplate. *Sigh*

UPDATE: [Lefty] comics legend Gerry Conway tweets:

You oughta talk to your colleague Dan Slott about "making issues" where there aren't any, Ger.

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This just goes to show how petty the left is, and that Think Progress involves very little thinking and no progress. Of course racism hasn't ended, but things have improved since Rosa Parks' time, whether leftist race hustlers are willing to admit or not. If they admit that, they'd have to go find real jobs.

And Slott continues to prove that he is just another moonbat who refuses to step outside his bubble and provides people with yet another reason not to waste time on his comics. That, and the fact that he's a terrible writer and always has been.

Posted by: Carl at December 2, 2013 04:14 PM

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