November 20, 2013

Here's something "new": Right-wing bad guy in comics

Check out the synopsis of the new Killweather graphic novel:

Itís a story as old as time: Extremist right-wing radio host gets legislation passed to criminalize sex reassignment surgery, then surgeons kidnap him and forcibly do a sex-change operation on him.

Yeah, I'm totally sure that sex reassignment surgery is on the top of every "extremist right-wing" radio host's list of things to worry about. Then again, maybe I spoke too soon: after all, would it be any surprise if a future Obama successor demands that everyone's health insurance cover such surgery ... and that you and I pay for it?

Here's a challenge for these "original" comics creators: How about, say, an extremist left-wing Occupation-style activist gets legislation passed that outlaws all religion ... and then operatives from the Vatican kidnap him ... and perform an exorcism on him?

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