November 20, 2013

Because at this point, why the f*** not?

So, as you may have heard, President Lemon didn't attend the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. Apparently, there was a good reason for that:

That would be Boss Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer, by the way, actually claiming that that Prez Lemon can't take a little time to attend the marking of one of the most important historical events in American history ... because three years wasn't sufficient enough time to get a website up and running, so naturally he's needed NOW to make sure all gets done ... never mind all the golf, y'know. That is sacrosanct.

Speaking of the Gettysburg Address, shock of shocks Boss Obama used a version of the speech that omitted the words "under God." As noted in the post's title, at this point, does anything this dope says (or does) surprise you anymore? It seems Obama used the "Nicolay copy" of the speech, an early draft that does not contain the reference to God. But why not use what President Lincoln actually said? I certainly agree that in the whole scheme of things this matters not much at all, but a few points: 1) It's not as if Boss Obama hasn't done something like this before, but ... 2) then again why not read the early draft so as to piss off the Right? It's easily conceivable Prez Lemon chose to read the Nicolay version on purpose to do just that -- which helps, however little, to distract from the absolute debacle that is ObumbleCare.

Remember: There's nothing this dolt does that isn't totally calculated and/or is a straight middle finger to some group.

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