November 13, 2013

Just make sure you ask the right questions!

Wow. As I noted yesterday here and here, with today's comicbook bunch, it's only OK to ask the "right" questions. Case in point: Kieron Gillen, the writer who completely shredded Tony Stark's/Iron Man's origin, was pissed -- pissed, I tell you! -- at Frank Miller's classic 300. Why? Well, Miller pretty much ignored the Greek underclass, so naturally, a modern creator like Gillen, being the good "progressive" that he is, set out to rectify the "mistakes" of 300. And what better way to give Miller a big "f*** you?" (Rich Johnston's words, not mine) By making the he-man Spartans homosexuals.

So ... "setting the record straight" is perfectly acceptable when it deals with the homosexuality of ancient Greeks and that society's underclass, but when someone dares to ponder whether a new Muslim superhero will ask legitimately tough questions about Islamic societies and the faith itself, well, how DARE you!! That is "hateful" and "bigoted!!"

Or, The NarrativeTM, natch. *Yawn*

UPDATE: Be sure to check out John C. Wright's take on the new Ms. Marvel and how the Left reacts to any questions/comments/quips about her.

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Yeesh. I certainly don't want to read Gillen's crap, that's for sure, especially not after this nonsense and the fact that he destroyed Stark's origin. Thing is, he's not even a comic writer. His background is as a music and computer games critic who somehow got involved in comics.

Posted by: Carl at November 13, 2013 05:08 PM

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