November 06, 2013

Marvel's newest hero is a Muslim woman

The Outhousers report that the new Ms. Marvel will be a Muslim chick -- "Kamala Khan, a Muslim American teenage girl with the ability to shapeshift."

The book will be written by G Willow Wilson, herself a convert to the Muslim faith. She says "The comic will ... see Khan struggle with her faith, although ... she won't evangelize her faith in the comic." I am indeed curious to see what those "struggles" will entail. Knowing modern comics as we do, the safe bet is that we'll be treated to what Geoff Johns did with the Muslim Green Lantern. Also, recall what transpired when Frank Miller wanted Batman to go after al Qaeda. Will we see Khan "struggling" to deal with American "Islamophobia?" The stereotypes of terrorism? Or will Wilson really be daring and delve into how her faith treats women, for instance? Will she question actions such as these? We will see. That is, if the book makes it to ten issues, which I highly doubt.

Meanwhile, our ridiculously politically correct pal Ron Marz of course chimed in on the subject:

I always get a real kick out of the all-consuming need "progressives" possess for "diversity." Why doesn't Marz, say, freely give up some of his writing jobs to people of the "correct" hue/religion/sexual orientation? I mean, if it's sooooo important? Doesn't Marz acknowledge his "white privilege," for heaven's sake? And, who exactly does this announcement "upset," Ron? Aside from extreme hardcore racists (of which there are pitifully few, if any, in comic fandom), who's miffed? I personally couldn't care less, but there will be those like myself who question what Wilson will write of Khan's "struggles," as I noted above, like will they cover a broad cross-section, or will they merely be the same PC tripe that comics have given us for over a decade or so, now?

ELSEWHERE: As you'd expect, Comics Alliance loves this news. It says of Muslims: "... one of the most maligned and misunderstood minority groups in America today." Actually, for contemporary comicbook creators and many opiners, that title should be awarded to conservative Americans.

Newsarama interviews writer Wilson. At article's end Wilson notes "Itís not at all a serious reckoning on religion in the U.S. or a clash of civilizations. Iím not interested in that."

Sounds like a good idea, Ms. Wilson.

UPDATE: Avi at FCMM notes that creator Wilson has a questionable history:

Wilson is the same writer who attacked Holland for taking security steps to prevent terrorist attacks, spoke disrespectfully of apostates, among others, and even interviewed an Islamofascist from Egypt named Ali Gomaa, who himself wrote an anti-Israel screed in the WSJ.

If she uses such antics in Ms. Marvel I give the book four issues, max.

UPDATE 2: Douglas Ernst has some thoughts.

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What a surprise, eh? Muslims are "maligned and misunderstood?" Give me a royal break! Hate crimes against Jews, NOT Muslims, have increased exponentially since 9-11.

Posted by: Carl at November 6, 2013 05:09 PM

I'm sure Marvel would say "We already HAVE Jewish characters!" (like the Thing and Kitty Pryde). But has any of them ever routinely pontificated on their religion?

Posted by: Hube at November 6, 2013 05:19 PM

Indeed. I'm not sure if either of them are practicing Jews.

Posted by: Carl at November 6, 2013 05:27 PM

Doug just wrote his take on it. You should check it out. I probably won't because I'm busy this week and over the weekend I plan to hopefully get some long-delayed posts finished, in addition to checking out "Thor: the Dark World."

Posted by: Carl at November 7, 2013 01:50 AM