November 06, 2013

Why the GOP deserves to lose

GOP Gives Up Virginia To Democrats Instead Of Giving Tea Party and Social Conservatives A Win

"The Republican National Committee spent three times as much in 2009 on the same race as they did this year. The Chamber of Commerce spent one million dollars in the last Governor’s race, and not one dime on Cuccinelli. While its often claimed that Tea Party candidates do poorly among independents, Cuccinelli actually won independents by 9 points, 47 percent to 38 percent. “McAuliffe outraised Cuccinelli by almost $15 million,” and in the last weeks of the campaign, this left Cuccinelli with nearly no media exposure. Even Politico wonders if Cuccinelli was beginning to turn the tide against the “War on Women” narrative, as he drove down McAuliffe’s lead among women from 24% in polling to 9%."

If the Republican establishment had thought it important enough to carry Virginia into the “R” column instead of using the loss as a cudgel to beat the grassroots Tea Party insurgent movement, perhaps it would have devoted more resources towards winning this crucial election.

Emphasis mine.

This is exactly the problem. The GOP has been split into the Establishment GOP and The Tea Party/Regular people.

The Establishment seeks only to remain insiders who don't make waves. They don't stand on principles, they make speeches about togetherness and conviviality and "go along to get along" is their mantra. They are careerists who don't want to be seen as judgmental or intolerant of "hateful" or in any way disliked by their peers across the aisle or reporters. These are the very same people who gave Chris Wallace oppo research on Ted Cruz. Think about that. One of two senators with a backbone who stood on principle on issues they fully expected to lose. Rand Paul and Cruz are not interested in being popular in DC. They are interested in doing what they believe is right. The Establishment (c.f. McCain) only believe in getting re-elected and showing up on talk shows.

The GOP is at war with itself. If the Establishment GOP wins they will continue to be a minority party who manages to lose to idiots like Nancy Pelosi. Frankly, they'll deserve it but the damage that they do to country will continue.

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I identify more with the Tea Party/Regular people wing of the GOP than I do with the Establishment like McCain. I consider myself to be more of a conservative than a Republican.

Posted by: Carl at November 6, 2013 05:57 PM