October 31, 2013

Has to be seen to be believed

Moonbat Democrat Rep. Frank Pallone was on the Megyn Kelly show last night and, well, just watch:

It's bad enough that Pallone is shoveling the bullsh** that ObamaCare is just "capitalism;" what's worse is that he is saying that HE -- and OBAMA -- "know" that the insurance plans which people had canceled were "inferior." Kelly tried to point out that millions liked those plans and are miffed they were canceled, so how were these so "bad?" But Pallone remained in moonbat-ville: As predicted, the talking point is that the insurance companies are the bad guys because they decided to drop coverage. Kelly attempted to point out to Pallone that the ObumbleCare law is precisely why the companies had to drop coverage. (It's actually the HHS minions who decided what a "change" in policy would be so as to disallow the "grandfathering" of policies.) But Pallone didn't waver. He just kept that swarmy smile on his face, saying "No, no ..." and swaying back and forth like the conceited d*** that he is.

Because he (and Obama) know better than us peons. Just shut up and accept it, dammit, and try not to be so ungrateful.

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Understudy to Alan Grayson

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