October 21, 2013

Remember what I wrote last week

Here, to be precise. Now gaze upon what Kurt Schlichter writes at Townhall.com:

In 2014, the fact that their insurer is dumping their health insurance plan and making them pay twice as much for a crummier one -- now that will get their attention. They will have an opinion on that, plus they will be plenty interested in who is responsible for it. And does anyone want to guess who is responsible for ensuring that the Scarlet "O" of Obamacare is tattooed right onto the forehead of every Democrat running in 2014?

Boss Obama may have been able to hide the truth about this fiasco before the 2012 election, but it had to come out sooner or later. And now that it has, 2014 presents a prodigious problem for him and his minions. Prez Lemon will do all he can to sugarcoat it all (and his MSM allies will assist), but nothing beats the reality of a huge hit to one's wallet ... along with a worse product.

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The Colossus of Rhodey: Remember what I wrote last week
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The Colossus of Rhodey: Remember what I wrote last week

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