October 16, 2013

"Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle"

I happened -- purely by accident, but I'm glad -- to catch this PBS program last evening, and even for a well-seasoned comics guy, I thought it was quite entertaining. It's divided into three parts, basically dividing the Comics Age into their three main segments: Golden, Silver and Bronze Age. I know less about the Golden Age than the others, and learned quite a few neat tidbits about it. For instance, at one point, 70 million comics were sold around World War II. At the time, that was half the American population! And, for GIs fighting abroad, comics were their reading material of choice!

I didn't enjoy the Silver Age as much, mainly because I knew just about everything presented. What was cool, however, were the "insider" nuggets offered up by guys like Jim Steranko (Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD) and Neal Adams during their stints in the late 60s and early 70s. Adams' recounting of a DC editor telling him and writer Denny O'Neil that he wanted Green Arrow and Green Lantern together in their own book -- because they both had "green" in their names -- was hysterical.

I fell asleep during the Bronze Age-present segment, but I'm certain I didn't miss much. The previews leading up to it showed a lot from the comicbook films from the last thirteen years or so, and I read that the "bubble" of the 1990s was discussed.

The entire program is available for free for a limited time at the link above.

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I didn't watch it because I felt it would be a regurgitation of things I already knew. I might catch it sometime, though.

And yeah, I knew that over 70 million comics were sold during WWII... that's part of the reason why they call it the Golden Age. Comics today are lucky if they sell 100,000 units. Captain Marvel (Shazam) often outsold Superman at the time.

Posted by: Carl at October 17, 2013 05:09 PM

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