October 16, 2013

A miracle! First Delawarean signs up for ObumbleCare

Here's the, er, "lucky" resident. Check it out:

  • "It took seven hours of waiting on the phone and sitting in front of her computer ..."
  • "... Janice Baker can claim something few people in Delaware can at the moment – she’s signed up for health coverage ..."
  • "But crossing the marketplace finish line – where the prize is a chance at affordable health coverage – was more of a marathon than a sprint ..."
  • "It required repeated effort online and over the phone – frustrating experiences shared by millions across the country ..."
  • “I started looking right at Oct. 1. I had made several attempts online to enroll and activate my membership. I could not get in to save my life ..." (Literally, perhaps?)
  • "But after 1˝ hours on the phone, her sign-up attempts were for naught when the representative’s computer locked up. If that wasn’t enough, the same thing happened the next time she called."

But get this: The article suggests that clearing one's computer cache, browsing history and cookies might allow you to get through to sign up. “It might not be the government computers, it may be your own sitting in front of you,” Baker said. Uh huh. Right. But I'm sure Boss Obama will be all over that excuse; after all, he's a master at blaming problems on everybody but himself.

Naturally, Janice's story is portrayed as a net positive, as she was to pay around $1,600/mo. for insurance for her and her hubby, but she (not her hub) ultimately got turned down due to "minor pre-existing conditions." I wonder when the News Journal will do a story on how ObumbleCare has significantly raised many people's health costs ... even those of Boss Obama-loving "progressive" LIVs.

Yeah, I wonder ...

UPDATE: Did you catch White House spoke-idiot Jay Carney touting Ms. Baker as an example of ObumbleCare success today at the press briefing? Of course, he neglected to mention that she is the ONLY person in the state to have signed up.

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The Colossus of Rhodey: A miracle! First Delawarean signs up for ObumbleCare
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