October 02, 2013

Shutdown theater

In a naked attempt to blame Republicans for their own government shutdown, the Parks Service and the White House are closing every popular thing they can whether or not it is germane or actually needs to be shut down. The Mall in DC is closed. Seriously. The freakin' grass. Why? They claim to be worried about vandalism. They have park police there to make sure people don't go to the monuments. Uh, here's an idea, how 'bout those same guys you sent down just make sure there isn't any vandalism? HMMMMM??????

This is pure bullshit and the public knows it. The vast majority of people know this is naked bullshit politicking.

They closed a park that receives no federal funds.

They have shut down websites. Seriously. I'm supposed to believe that a website can't run itself? If you left the site up and running, what's the worst that would happen?

They are spending money to erect barricades. If the government is truly shut down am I to believe that Barricade Engineer is an essential function?

While we're at it, let's talk about money and funding. Nancy Pelosi hilariously suggested there is no more cuts possible without people dying in the streets. (Not literally but that's what she'd have you believe.)

What about these guys?

One federal employee leased a $53,000 take-home car with taxpayer money in apparent defiance of federal regulations and regularly billed the government for service at shops such as BMW of Fairfax.

Others charged the government monthly for family members’ cell phones and high-end TV packages and Internet at home — and even at second homes.

Managers freely made out checks to employees without requiring documentation of how it would be spent, giving $1,316 directly to one who said she was reimbursing herself for furniture she bought for a “home office” and using convenience checks to give workers bonuses.

Government employees used federal purchase cards to order items such as a $560 Bose stereo and $1,490 for two high-definition televisions that could not be located.

All of these examples happened at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, an obscure runaway government agency where the median annual salary is $120,000.

No money to cut? Really?

Also, where the hell were these jobs on Career Day?

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