October 01, 2013

Remember, conservative comicbook fans ...

... remember what these folks -- who want you to buy their product -- think of you:

And complete "WTF?" statements:

Then there's these retweeted by our old pal Mark "Go F*** Yourself" Waid:

If you don't care about a creator's personal/political views, good for you. If you want to shell out four dollars per issue for what they put out, even better. But for me -- and many others -- I have a problem with giving my hard-earned cash to someone who pisses on things I believe in, and/or ridiculously distorts same, so much like our pathetic MSM.

I know you've heard it all here before. It just really remains a mystery to me why these guys (and gals) utilize such "business acumen." Maybe they realize their medium is dying so they don't care? That they've already made their cash when times were good, so big deal? Or, hell, maybe it really is a matter of principle -- that these folk put beliefs over money. I don't believe that (there's ample evidence across the "progressive" spectrum of such hypocrisy), but it is a possibility, I have to admit. But even if true, my cash will remain in my well-worn wallet. I don't need to give affirmation to someone who thinks I'm a Neanderthal-browed miscreant.

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Great post, Hube. These creators continue to give me a reason not to waste my money on their products. Marz probably posts idiotic political Tweets because he's never written anything of substance and uses political tweets to get attention for himself.

Posted by: Carl at October 1, 2013 01:51 PM

It's what Furious D calls "the axis of ego". They are surrounded by those who share their views (remember where most of these folks live and work) and so they think that's most people out there. Those who disagree are either quiet or polite about it (or they just don't bother) reinforcing the notion that any who are vocal about disagreeing are a minority.

There's also... ok, I'll put forth my growing theory of collapsing feedback using my favorite political metaphor: ICE CREAM!

So, you set up a shop selling many varieties of vanilla and chocolate ice cream.
You get lots of customers.
You decide you want even more customers so you consider what to do.
What we have with things like comics (even fiction publishers from people I've read) is this:
You check customer feedback and find that vanilla fans are very vocal, even threatening (to "go elsewhere") while chocolate fans either don't provide feedback or don't say much besides "it's fine". So you decide to try and win more vanilla (heck, maybe even as a shop owner you have a preference for vanilla). But law of the universe means that your shop space is limited, so you expand the vanilla varieties by cutting down on the chocolate ones.
Maybe a few chocolate lovers complain but most just either quietly leave or adapt by eating their 2nd or 3rd (etc) favorite chocolate variety.
However you get a few more vanilla lovers and the profits either average out or maybe even climb just a bit.
Now, however, more vanilla lovers come in, see some esoteric varieties then wonder why in the world you don't carry THEIR favorite odd ball flavor. Clearly you don't like vanilla or its customers at all!
So a cycle ensues where you push aside more chocolate to bring in more vanilla, which makes more customers demand more obscure varieties because you have so many, why should they have to settle for 2nd or 3rd favorite?

Eventually the shop will realize that their profit margins have grown too thin as they chase a tinier and tinier slice of the population. Now it may seem like "a lot" of people to the shop owner and even the other vanilla lovers but the numbers don't lie, increasing the vanilla variety doesn't bring in enough customers to offset all the effort you've put into it now. (the point of diminishing returns) By now you're down to 1 container of just plain old chocolate (if even that) and the chocolate lovers have trickled down to a few that maybe come by once in awhile for nostalgia (yours was the first shop they had ice cream in) or just to see if you've changed the menu yet. So what's the shop owner to do? Bring back the chocolate varieties? Ah but by now too many chocolate fans have grown accustomed to your perceived dislike of them, so even if you threw out all vanilla overnight and brought in nothing but chocolate, the old customers wouldn't come back. Heck, every time you even removed just 1 vanilla type to try and add a single chocolate type, the vanilla fans all howl with outrage. Heck, several additional ones even refuse to come get ice cream out of solidarity for the handful who had their favorite taken away.

So what can you do? Although they think otherwise because of how they self-select, there are barely enough vanilla lovers to keep your shop barely afloat. You could try to win back the chocolate lovers but not only would that drive out enough vanilla lovers to possible tank the shop, but you can't be sure enough chocolate lovers will return to make up the difference because of how they've been treated in the past. You have to change course or the shop will die, but to change course all but guarantees the shop will die. So what do you do but double down on every kind of vanilla you can get and hope the end takes as long as possible to arrive.

Then there's those who because they've only hung out around other vanilla lovers, think there's plenty of them out there and that chocolate lovers aren't needed, heck they aren't even wanted. They don't realize they've almost reached the saturation point and they'll have to give something up.

Of course how this all applies to comics, I leave as an exercise for the reader.

Posted by: Nate Winchester at October 1, 2013 02:02 PM

Let me understand this. the ACA was nearly 2000 pages long to say anyone without insurance can get it and this is how much it will cost...IF you dont get insurance it will cost you this much of a penalty...and to state that took nearly 2000 pages? I dont believe any side of the political aisle,but for all democrats to say the entire bill is great and all republicans to say the entire bill is garbage proves no one actually read it.

Posted by: Arthur at October 1, 2013 02:21 PM

And is that elephant in the "LOL GOP" doing what I think it's doing? Cripes, progressives are so immature it defies comprehension.

And yeah, it could be that they realize the comics medium is dying (even if idiots like Slott say otherwise) and they don't care what they say, but still doesn't excuse their "insult the fans" business model that they've had for at least the past decade, if not longer.

Posted by: Carl at October 1, 2013 02:34 PM

It's a bizarre- and pathetic- business model, to be sure. They used to be about entertaining their fans. Now they're just about pissing them off and insulting them. It's really sad.

Posted by: Carl at October 1, 2013 02:38 PM