September 28, 2013

When P.C. and racial bean counting conflict

Local story: The winner of the Little Miss Hispanic Delaware pageant was stripped of her title when it could not be proven she was actually Hispanic. Jakiyah McKoy is black, but anyone with a smidgen of knowledge about Latinos knows there are many blacks included in that demographic. So, what do we see now?

Blacks are making accusations of racism. Hispanics are facing the hypocrisy of lack of proof of ethnicity ... due to illegal residency in the US. McKoy's backers claim one of her grandmothers was from the Dominican Republic, but resided in the US illegally, thus there is no documentation to prove her background.

If this didn't involve young children it would be hilarious. Be sure to read through the article because you'll encounter so many ["progressive"-based] hypocrisies as to defy description:

  • Hispanics demanding proof of residency. But if the US government and/or states want to do just that for various purposes, well, they're racist. Among other things.
  • Pageant officials stating the whole thing "is not about skin color." Welcome to the world conservatives and Republicans have to deal with on a daily basis, whilst defending their ideas/policies/criticisms.
  • Proof?? Needed for a little girl [minority] beauty pageant, but not for [minority] voting. Because then it's "racist."
  • In order to qualify for the pageant, one must be 25% Hispanic. I thought "progressive" and enlightened societies were beyond this sort of stuff.

As we've noted myriad times here, it's always entertaining to see what happens when political correctness, [radical] multiculturalism, racial bean counting, and identity politics come together ... and tear themselves asunder.

All that being said, pageant officials could have avoided all this had they not allowed McKoy to participate knowing she did not have the necessary verification. And they did know. So, the fault ultimately lies with them.

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