September 25, 2013

The ultimate boondoggle

Can anyone imagine what the mainstream media -- and complete tools like these -- would be saying if a Republican was about to implement the complete and utter disaster that is ObamaCare? Let's face the facts: This plan makes what Hurricane Katrina did to the Big Easy look like a gentle rain. Even the WaPo knows this. Anyone who bought what President Lemon was selling you about this debacle should take a basic skills test now. You know you just failed.

Don't take it from me. Take it from Boss Obama's traditional allies. Union leaders: "The unintended consequences of the ACA [Affordable Care Act] are severe. Perverse incentives are already creating nightmare scenarios.” And then there's

-- Far from “bending the cost curve down,” consumers in many states will find coverage offered through the ObamaCare insurance exchanges stick them with average premium prices next year that are 30% or 40% higher than what they would have paid last year.

-- The federal government’s new “data hub” that the state insurance exchanges will use to screen applicants won’t be fully functional in time. Thus, the exchanges won’t be able to verify some applicant’s incomes when determining how big a subsidy they get. They also won’t be able to verify if the applicant has employer coverage, and thus is ineligible for subsidies.

-- The federal government may also be unprepared to protect ObamaCare’s information technology system from hackers and identity thieves. Security testing is months behind schedule, Reuters reports. Writing in The Weekly Standard, former HHS General Counsel Michael Astrue warned that unless delayed and fixed the ObamaCare exchanges will inflict on the public the most widespread violation of the Privacy Act in our history.

Of course, there's a lot more. But you won't hear about this insanity from the MSM. Or, very little. And then, it'll usually be speckled with excuses or "it's not all that bad, actually" kind of stuff.

If this was a Republican rolling out such a boondoggle, the MSM would be relentless, and we'd see protests (all covered prodigiously by the MSM) all across the country -- all with loving commentary. With the actual situation,there are protests, but since they're from folks like Tea Partiers, they're dubbed "extreme," "far right-wing," and, of course, "crazy." Just look at what Texas Senator Ted Cruz is dealing with. (Remember, 'tho, what happened when another person from Texas pulled a filibuster defending her position. Yeah, quite the opposite of what Cruz gets.)

But we deserve every bit of this crap. The original bill passed the Senate by one [filibuster-proof] vote (which later led to Massachusetts' Scott Brown's election to the Senate), and complete twits like Nancy Pelosi said stuff that-would-be-headlines-for-weeks-had-a-GOPer-said-it like "We have to pass the bill see what's in it." And then we re-elected President Lemon last year. So, again, we deserve what we get.

Enjoy, America.

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And we're going to get more of this crap until people actually wake up and see the light.

Posted by: Carl at September 25, 2013 05:07 PM

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