September 04, 2013

Strange bedfellows

Hey, everyone remember in the early 2000s how the Left pointed to this photo of Don Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein back during the [early days of the] Reagan administration ... and how this was supposed to show how hypocritical he was for now pushing us into a war with the guy? Even though the pic was taken twenty years prior?

Well golly, look at this. And this. Yep, that's then-House Majority leader Nancy Pelosi courting Syria honcho Bashir Assad in ... 2007. And now-Secretary of State John "Dick Tracy Villain" Kerry and his wife dining with Assad ... in 2009. Indeed, Kerry met with the guy at least six times over recent years, and spent a lot of that same time period trying to convince everyone that we judged Assad "too harshly." Now, Kerry is comparing him to Hitler and -- wait for it! -- Saddam Hussein, and invoking the Holocaust.

But just remember, dammit -- Kerry won three Purple Hearts, the Bronze Star and Silver Star. How dare anyone question him.

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Odds are, they won't bring that up, because it wouldn't fit their narrative.

Posted by: Carl at September 4, 2013 05:29 PM

Yup. Bush spent a large part of his presidency not just fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also making very high minded speeches across the Arab world. Basically saying that it was incredibly racist to say that Muslims couldn't have a democratic society. He backed it up with diplomatic pressure on these dictatorial regimes to democratize. Because he knew these countries needed that to grow a moderate democratic alternative to radical Islamic organizations who would otherwise take over.

Pelosi destroyed this in early 2007 with her goodwill tour of the Middle East. She assured people like Assad and Mubarak that Bush was defanged by the 2006 election. He was powerless and their dark night of fear was over. So they went back to oppressing their populations. Finally their populations threw them out and who did they have to turn to? Only the Islamic groups.

The current mess isn't just the fault of Obama being an idiot. It also is the fault of Democratic congressional leadership for deliberately undermining prior efforts to create foundational democratic organizations in the region.

Posted by: Jeff the Baptist at September 23, 2013 04:49 PM