August 29, 2013

Where sympathy gets lost

In today's News Journal, there's a story about some Burger King workers who are striking for higher wages. There's certainly decent arguments on both sides of the minimum wage debate, but it's stuff like this that causes the sympathy meter to take a big dip downward:

KFC worker Jose Blas, 27, is concerned his wages will not be enough to make ends meet with a baby due in January.

Blas, a cook at the KFC Newport Gap Pike location, joined the strikers at Burger King to be supportive and help send a message to management at fast food chains.

"I'm fighting for more money so I can have enough to change my lifestyle and for my baby to go to school. Day care doesn't come cheap these days," he said.

Of course, one wonders what Josť was thinking before he decided to get a girl pregnant while working at minimum wage job. Similar situation here:

Shaniqua Davis, 20, lives in the Bronx with her boyfriend, who is unemployed, and their 1-year-old daughter. Davis has worked at a McDonald's a few blocks from her apartment for the past three months, earning $7.25 an hour. Her schedule varies, but she never gets close to 40 hours a week.

Again, what mindset led these two to have a child when one makes minimum wage, and the other is unemployed?? Oh, and

She pays the rent with public assistance but struggles to afford food, diapers, subway and taxi fares, cable TV and other expenses with her paycheck.


Again, it's not that I'm completely unsympathetic, but c'mon -- these are the best examples you can use to make the case for a higher minimum wage? Not to mention, let's get real -- why would anyone expect to make a living flipping burgers? These jobs aren't meant to be careers, they're meant for those looking to make some extra cash. Unless you're planning on moving up to management, you shouldn't plan on making a living at a fast food corporation. And if you do, this probably means you're lacking the education and/or skills to do much else. In which case, maybe the shi**y wages at places like Burger King will finally light a fire under your arse to do what you were supposed to do back in middle and high school.

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I think they should be paid $15-$18 an hour. It would benefit our country. Big Mac would cost $12; kids meal would be $10.50; KFC meal would be $14.95. No one would eat there, obesity would drop enormously in 6 months and in a year and a half health care premiums would be cut in half because of the huge drop in health concerns.

Posted by: Arthur at August 30, 2013 07:14 AM

Way to bring about inflation -- everybody would insist on AT LEAST an $8.00/hr raise, if not he doubling of their pay. After all, shouldn't he rest of us get the same sort of raise that fast food workers get?

And then watch the economy circle the bowl (even more than it has been).

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at August 31, 2013 01:41 PM