August 23, 2013

Yet again, why there will never be real conversations about race

Howard Portnoy at Newsbusters provides (yet another) example. Like MSNBC, is nearly inexhaustible in its specious attempts to "prove" their "cases" of racism, and is nigh in complete denial about basic facts. It's red meat for the LIV crowd, to be sure. Alex Seitz-Wald’s column is titled “No, Chris Lane is not Trayvon Martin!” and, as noted, botches the most fundamental facts about the Zimmerman-Martin case (among others):

... the decision by Sanford, Fla., police to initially release George Zimmerman “smacked of institutional, state-sponsored racial favoritism of the worst kind. It was only after public outcry that state prosecutors took over the case and pressed charges.“

To which Portnoy retorts:

That assessment nearly turns the facts of the case on their head. According to the report filed by the Sanford, Fla., police, a bloodied George Zimmerman was released on his own recognizance “for lack of evidence and lack of legal grounds for arrest” as well as Zimmerman’s “right to defend himself with lethal force” against a deadly attack. Seitz-Wald is right that Zimmerman was arrested following “public outcry,” but that was to avert a riot, not to correct an injustice.

Seitz-Wald also defends Pres. Obama for injecting himself into selected racial matters, especially the Henry Louis Gates incident from early in his presidency. Yet again, he totally botches the facts. He then concludes by stating "If you want to actually understand race relations in this country, you need to understand the difference between these (the Lane and Martin) cases."

Really? The understanding one comes to by reading Seitz-Wald or watching networks like MSNBC is that race relations remain as they were in 1950. That we should make a racial case out of those that aren't, and ignore those that are ... depending on the race of the perpetrators and victims. And, as we've noted here many times, so-called "real" conversations about race are not desired at all by the likes of Seitz-Wald. What they want is for you to LISTEN to them, and ACCEPT IT without question.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out Doug Ernst's related post! Spot on stuff.

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Indeed, Hube. The race hustlers seem to think that race relations are exactly the same as in 1950 and they need to exploit certain cases (such as the Zimmerman/Martin incident) or otherwise they'd be out of jobs. They thrive on racial tensions, and that's just plain wrong.

Posted by: Carl at August 23, 2013 11:34 PM

This was Felix's post, BTW. But I added Doug's update. :-)

Posted by: Hube at August 24, 2013 07:19 AM

D'OH! I didn't read who had authored the post. You and Felix have a similar writing style, so maybe that's why I thought it was you.

Posted by: Carl at August 24, 2013 06:10 PM

He leaves his posts in the unpublished queue for me to once-over and edit, so that explains part of it I'm sure ... :-)

Posted by: Hube at August 24, 2013 07:50 PM

Probably does, yeah. :)

Posted by: Carl at August 26, 2013 02:11 AM

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