August 20, 2013

Good thing our News Journal works for the public's safety (not)!

Gotta love the Wilmington News Journal -- always acting in the public's best interests. That is, unless political correctness interferes:

A report of shots fired shortly after 11 p.m. Monday sent University of Delaware police to the Laird Campus along Del. 896 in Newark.

Police said in radio broadcasts they found shell casings at the scene.

There were three or four men in the car, including the gunman, he said. Police were able to provide no description of the men, except for their race, which The News Journal does not publish as a matter of policy.

Got that? The cops know a major descriptor of the suspects -- their race -- but in their infinite "wisdom," the News Journal ain't gonna tell 'ya. Because shut up.

Actually, we've known the reason for years now. And it remains one of the most ridiculously PC policies I've ever seen. For what it's worth, UD police ID'd the shooter as a black male. Why it took me over 15 minutes to find that out via various Google parameters is beyond silly.

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Yeah, my local paper (the Star Tribune) is the exact same way when it comes to reporting on the race of suspects. It's pretty ridiculous.

Posted by: Carl at August 20, 2013 01:43 PM

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