August 10, 2013

M.S.M. racial conundrums

Via Taranto we see that Reuters is hyping President Lemon's call for some "soul searching" on race here in America because -- gasp! -- "many Americans have no friends of another race" (the actual headline) according to a poll it cites. Of course, based on the first paragraph alone, Reuters could have easily written a headline that says "Most Americans have friends of another race":

About 40 percent of white Americans and about 25 percent of non-white Americans are surrounded exclusively by friends of their own race, according to an ongoing Reuters/Ipsos poll.

So, about 60% of whites and 75% of non-whites have friends of another race. Yet, Reuters writes a headline from a negative POV. Because, y'know, it wouldn't fit in with Boss Obama's [faux] request for that "soul searching," after all. Or, if you will, The NARRATIVETM.

And the inconsistent race reporting rolls on:

There are regions and groups where mixing with people of other races is more common, especially in the Hispanic community where only a tenth do not have friends of a different race. About half of Hispanics who have a spouse or partner are in a relationship with non-Hispanics, compared to one tenth of whites and blacks in relationships.

Y'see, here the MSM is back to merely using the term "Hispanic" as essentially a separate race. When the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin affair was in full swing, it was then important to note the former's race as "white" -- separate from Hispanic. Of course, Hispanics can be of several races as the classification "Hispanic" (or "Latino") is mainly due to language/cultural difference. Just see any official government/state/educational form if you don't believe me. But the MSM -- as Reuters does here -- rarely, if ever, acknowledges such. If acknowledging the difference can further The NarrativeTM -- that is, that America remains an incorrigibly racist nation that hasn't changed much since the Civil War (as was the case with George Zimmerman) -- it will do so without hesitation. In this article, however, merely utilizing "Hispanic" as a separate racial category paints the group in a positive light -- they're more "racially enlightened" as they have more friends and marriages outside of their "race."

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Gee, I've known and have been friends of people of different races in the past. I got along with my black and Hispanic co-workers just fine. I guess I don't view people in categories... I view them as people. I'm colorblind when it comes to race.

Of course, trodding out the "white Hispanic" nonsense just serves to fuel the left's agenda of racial division.

Posted by: Carl at August 11, 2013 01:49 PM

I'm curious how a random white individual in rural Minnesota is supposed to find his minority friend? Do we have to implement a busing program to spread around friends of the appropriate types?

Posted by: Paul at August 11, 2013 02:35 PM

This type of nonsense goes to prove how idiotic the left is. They all must be living in padded rooms. I'm surrounded by Koreans, after all my wife is Korean. But among my closest friends are: a Jewish businessman, a black dentist and Sanchez...guess what his nationality is. It is their fault they choose not to associate with a variety of people, not America's. Ho, and a Montco cop who is a native Hawaiian.

Posted by: Hoagie at August 11, 2013 04:58 PM

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